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Fast Braces

Fast braces® offers the benefit of traditional braces in less time. Patients see result in about a year & in some cases just a few months.

Fast braces® Technology allows for movement of the roots of the teeth towards their final position from the beginning of treatment by torquing them from the very first appointment. Patients can now get results often with less sensitivity in about a year, and in some cases, just a few months. It has been developed & tested over the past 20 years.

Fast Braces® technology is fast safe, easy & affordable treatment, with patented triangular design & braces, cutting edge techniques & a special heat activated wire, this new technology is revolutionising in the field of orthodontics.

Traditional braces move teeth into position in two stages, usually over a period of about 2 years. In the first year the crown of the tooth is moved into alignment. In the second year, treatment addresses the position of the root of the tooth. However the bracket used with fast braces® work on different mechanical principle altogether. The patented system uses an innovative bracket & specially – shaped wire to correct the position of the tooth, from the beginning of treatment. This combination is key in re aligning the root & crown simultaneously.

The fast braces® technology have an elevated slot & a unique elbow design. The shape of the bracket is critical because it changes the force- flexibility equations. The square shape of conventional bracket defines the distance between the bracket & that distance determines the flexibility of the wire, however the triangular shape of the Fast braces® patented brackets with its elevated slot typically increase the distance between the individual brackets, which increases the flexibility of wire. Additionally, the elbow of the bracket help deliver torquing and tipping forces to the root from the beginning of the treatment. These fundamental differences allow treatment to be completed in about a year or as little as 3 months in select cases. For the consumer looking for an aesthetic cosmetic solution. Fast braces® clear ceramic brackets are also available and offer the same technology advantages of moving teeth as the fast braces® metal brackets.

Twenty (20) years of history, thousand of consecutively treated patients & university research have shown that Fast braces® are not only safe but offers many additional benefits. Patients often time experience less discomfort & there are no more risk with fast braces than that associated with traditional braces. Additionally the facts that the braces are on less time means that there is possibly less chance of tooth decay due to improper oral hygiene. Treatment with Fast braces® technology improves the patient lifestyle because treatment typically takes just a few visits at the dental practice. Less dentist visit means less money spent . Petrol used getting to & from the dentist practice & less time of school or work. Another remarkable benefit is the reduction of retainer usage. When the braces come off one needs to wear the removable retainers only 15 minutes a day in the shower cleverly describes as Fast braces “Tooth Shampoo”.

To discuss the Fast braces® we have available & to talk about your specific treatment requirement please call us on 01271345006, 01271343012 we will be happy to assist you in getting your beautiful smile.

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