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Smile in a Day

The ‘smile in a day’ procedure involves fitting four  to six implants in a single arch ( upper and lower Jaw) to which a full bridge is attached resulting in fully functional set of new teeth.

The benefits of this procedure is that it is completed in one day from start to finish. Patients that have struggled without teeth or lack the confidence due to an imperfect smile can walk away with a brand new beautiful smile on the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do implants hurt?

This procedure is done under local anaesthetic. You may feel slight soreness after the surgery for a few days but no pain is felt during the procedure. If you are nervous you can opt for sedation as well.

How do i clean them?

You should clean your implants the same way you would clean your natural teeth. The dentist will show you how to clean around the implant thoroughly & you may need to see your hygienist regularly to maintain the implants.

Are they Removable?

Implants can only be removed by the dentist but if you have dentures they may be removed for cleaning.

How long will implants last?

Dental implants like teeth can last a lifetime & depends on how good your oral health & diet is. If you develop gum disease the implant may become loose and eventually fail- just like normal teeth.

Do you offer funding options?

  • Yes we offer easy payment plans where you can spread the cost of your implants.
  • Interest free available for plans on 12 months or under.
  • Call us on 01271345006 / 01271343012 for more details.

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